Jazd Markets

Generate Leads

Launch lead generation campaigns in minutes.

Generate high quality leads, delivered to you on a daily basis. Get leads from buyers looking for quotes, buyers looking for more information on your products or services or general buyer behavioral leads.
Increase Traffic

Increase traffic to your site with a few simple clicks

Select key words that closely match your products or services that lead people directly to your site from major search engines. Additionally, upload your graphical ads to help buyers find you and lead them directly to your specified product pages.
Become an Industry Authority

Build strong relationships with customers.

Reach customers regularly with your messages to build leadership positions within the markets you sell to with our eMail & Newsletter campaigns. Utilizing our industry leading methods for effective eMail compaigns and Industry Newsletters you can stand out from your competitors.
Your Options

Pay for Performance Marketing

Pay only for the services you want. Set monthly spending limits to ensure you never exceed your budget while generating high quality leads and traffic flow.

Unlimited Annual Marketing Services

Just call to speak with a representative about launching annual, unlimited on-line marketing programs with us.

Custom Unlimited Marketing Programs

Call one of our highly trained Sales Program Experts at the number listed at the top of the page and have a custom program designed for you.
Our Services

High Quality Leads.

We can deliver leads based on buyer behavior, buyers' requests for Quotes, buyers' requests for more information... and more

Graphical Ad Placement.

We can get your graphical ads in front of qualified buyers and decision makers to generate traffic to your site and to build strong brands.

Key Word Search Results.

Have potential buyers find you and your products based on key search criteria.

eMail & Newsletter Campaigns.

Touch customers with your messages on a regular basis every month with inclusion in eMail and Newsletter campaigns.
expert advice

SEO Experts

Let our Search Engine Optimization experts establish your company in our directories so buyers find you fast and you get the leads you desire.

Key Word Search Experts

Our Key Word Search experts can analyze your company and products to ensure you are 'tagged' to the terms buyers are searching on today - resulting in significant increases in sales for you.

eMail Campaign Experts

Keep your message in front of the decision makers and purchasing agents for your products and services on a regular basis with our eMail and Newsletter programs.
Our main services overview

Newsletter Campaigns

You can select inclusion in our Newsletter campaigns to get your message to customers on a regular basis.

eMail Campaigns

Participate in up to four eMail campaigns each month to keep your brand and message in front of potential buyers and decision makers.

Download Services

Allow users to download an array of content you provide like Whitepapers, Videos, Product Specifications and more.

Lead Generation

Choose from over 4 different types of leads - delivered to you daily. You can receive Request for quotes, requests for downloads, requests for company contact and general buyer behavioral leads.

Key Word Search

Have your ads appear when customers search on any terms related to your products or services.

Microsite Listings

Have a listing for your company in any of our 14 industry vertical B2B Directories so customers can find you fast.